HOTEL HILTON - New Year, New Year's Eve 2025

  • Music:

    Ilda Šaulić

  • Drinks and food:

    Formal dinner - buffet

  • Price:

    od 170 €

  • Address:

    Kralja Milana 35

  • Contact:

    066 222 151

Hotel Hilton Belgrade New Year 2025 is the perfect choice for those who value exclusivity and want to welcome the New Year in a select company.

The fabulous banquet hall of the Hilton Belgrade - Tsar Dušan hotel, where the reception will be held, covers an area of ​​407m2 and will host around 350 guests. With its unique design, elegant interior and luxurious decoration, it captivates and conquers at first sight, which is another of the many reasons that make the Hilton Belgrade hotel the ideal place to celebrate the New Year.

The musical spectacle will be provided by the fantastic and irresistible Ilda Šaulić, a charismatic singer with an exceptional voice and a warm, positive energy that accompanies her every appearance and performance. It is known that she inherited her magnificent musical talent, as well as the talent to create a superb atmosphere, from her father, one of the greatest musical legends ever - Šaban Šaulić. When Ilda takes the microphone and sings, you can be sure that New Year's Eve and party will be unforgettable.

The New Year's offer at the Hilton Belgrade hotel includes a sumptuous New Year's dinner buffet, which will include numerous specialties, prepared by experienced international chefs, according to a unique recipe, with a lot of love and skill.

You will also be able to enjoy unlimited consumption of domestic alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks throughout the evening. Foreign drinks will be available at promotional prices.


The possibility of paying from abroad, as well as issuing electronic tickets, without the need to come to the point of sale!


Ilda Šaulić will make sure that New Year's Eve at Hilton Belgrade will be a magical, unforgettable experience, filled with the most beautiful moments, greatest hits and New Year's magic!

The audience is well-acquainted with Ilda's spectacular performances, as well as original songs that carry her unique signature. She recently hosted an evening to remember in the iconic Belgrade restaurant Dva Jelena in Skadarlija, and this guest appearance of hers is still talked about in the city.

Also, Ilda often performs together with the popular Lexington band, which gladly follows her performances. Their collaboration also resulted in a beautiful duet song called 'You are my trouble'.


The price per person ranges from €170 to €230 depending on the position of the table in the hall itself and includes an elegant place to sit, a formal dinner and unlimited consumption of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks from the offer, throughout the evening (see on the map)

  • TZAR ZONE: €230
  • KNEZ ZONE: €210
  • COUNTY ZONE: €190
  • KNIGHT ZONE: €170

Drinks and food:


  • Unlimited consumption of domestic, alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks is included in the price; story.
  • Premium drinks will be sold at promotional prices.


Cold menu

  • Feta cheese panna cotta with cucumber and dill dressing
  • Marinated dried fruit stuffed with brie cheese with wine crackers
  • Goose and chicken liver stuffed with homemade apple jam, topped with chocolate
  • Marinated rump steak with arugula and wasabi aioli
  • Salmon 'sasimi' with crunchy aromatic crumbs (lean)
  • Salad of parsley, chickpeas and cucumber with fresh coriander (lean)
  • Salad of marinated chicken meat and fresh vegetables in sweet and spicy sauce
  • Ajvar, cream, Urnebes salad, Malidzano, pretzels


  • Traditional cured meat products
  • A selection of domestic and international cheeses with dried and fresh fruit
  • Selection of fresh bakery products, marinated olives, dried tomatoes
  • A selection of fresh and seasonal salads with a choice of Caesar salad (chicken, prawns, beef)
  • Hot menu
  • Pumpkin potage with ticks (lean), chicken consommé with French cognac
  • Gnocchi with prosciutto, sage and blue cheese
  • Ramsteak slow-roasted with mirin sauce
  • Duck drumstick with orange and cinnamon on red cabbage and apples
  • Seafood mix with asparagus and cherry tomatoes
  • Vegetarian medallions with tomato and basil salsa (lean)
  • Wok with vegetables and pineapple (lean)
  • Arancini with truffles (lean)


  • Traditional homemade barbecue
  • Rolled pork with dried fruit
  • Baked potatoes with herbs (lean)
  • At 2:00 p.m. burek with cheese and spinach


  • Chocolate hazelnut cake
  • White chocolate mousse with raspberry
  • Chestnut cake with blueberry (lean)
  • White chocolate mousse with pistachios in class
  • Frangipane tart with cherries
  • A selection of macarons
  • Fruit cake
  • Dried fruit compote (lean)

Sitting map