New Year's Eve in restaurants
hotel majdan docek nove godine

Hotel Majdan

Ceca Ražnatović i Sloba Radanović

Price: od 120 €

Reservations: 066 00 24 00

hotel jugoslavija docek nove godine 3

Hotel Jugoslavija

Katarina Sotirović & Party Time Bend

Price: od 35 € do 70 €

Reservations: 066 00 24 00

vila jelena nova godina 6

Vila Jelena

Paparazzo Band

Price: Od 60 €

Reservations: 066 00 24 00

restoran nera nova godina 12

Restaurant Nera

Dara Bubamara, Igor Popović & Dragica Zlatić

Price: od 50€

Reservations: 066 00 24 00

restoran stadion hall docek nove godine 8

Restaurant Stadion Hall

Đani i Andreana Čekić

Price: od 90 € do 130 €

Reservations: 066 00 24 00

belexpocentar nova godina 3

Hotel Holiday Inn - Belexpocentar

Marija Šerifović

Price: od 70 €

Reservations: 066 00 24 00

hotel hajat docek nove godine 34

Hotel Hyatt (Hajat)


Price: od 50 €

Reservations: 066 00 24 00

hotel hilton nova godina 1

Hotel Hilton


Price: od 140 €

Reservations: 066 00 24 00

restoran inter hollywood ledine nova godina 2

Restaurant Inter Hollywood Ledine

Slađa Allegro

Price: od 60 €

Reservations: 066 00 24 00

restoran holivud ledine nova godina

Restaurant Hollywood Ledine

Darko Lazić i Dara Bubamara

Price: od 60 €

Reservations: 066 00 24 00

restoran hollywood vozdovac nova godina 3

Restaurant Hollywood Voždovac

Jelena Kostov

Price: od 40 €

Reservations: 066 00 24 00

restoran jezero docek nove godine 1

Restaurant JEZERO by Azzaro

Zvezde Granda

Price: Od 60 €

Reservations: 066 00 24 00

restoran principessa nova godina 2

Restaurant Principessa

Modus bend

Price: od 5000 do 6000rsd

Reservations: 066 00 24 00

restoran stadion docek nove godine 3

Restaurant Stadion

Ivana Bojanović, Marko Milinković i Dejan Deki Jovičić

Price: Od 50 €

Reservations: 066 00 24 00

New 2020 Year's Eve in Belgrade restaurants

Find the best New Year’s Eve 2020 celebration in Belgrade restaurants

Belgrade is famous as a city that never sleeps, as a place where everybody can find a fun on their liking. Belgrade is open every day for nightlife, pleasant dinner or a night cap. At the end of the year all of that culminate when numerous restaurants organize New Year's Eve in their establishments. The choise is big and everybody can find a perfect celebration to its budget and preferences. Website will provide you all offers for the New Years Eve - in one place you can find complete offers for all the restaurants in Belgrade for New Year’s Eve celebration.

What kind of music to expect?

Regarding music, New Year’s Eve in Belgrade restaurants usualy goes with the sounds of popular Serbian songs, preformed by bend playing in live.
Quality of the band that performs in a certain restaurant has a great inpact on the price of the celebration, so in the larger and more expensive restaurants you can expect the most famous stars of the local music scene and the best bands. On the other hand, if you have decided to celebrate the new 2020 year  in a restaurant with a slightly lower price, you can expect not so well-known bands, but also very good ones that  certainly will not affect your mood and a good time on New Year's night.

Tips for choosing a restaurant for New Year's Eve

Most restaurants will offer All Inclusive option where for a price per person dinner and unlimited drinks at the New Year's Eve will be included. Very carefully inquire all the details, such as:

• What is included in the New Year's Eve dinner

• What is the offer of a drink which is included in the All Inclusive ticket

• Is the service buffet style or  it’s served by a waiter

• Is there a parking lot for guests

• Can you pre-select the table where you will be siting

These are just some of the things to keep in mind when choosing the right restaurant for the New Year’s Eve  celebration for you and your friends.

What prices of the New Year 2020 celebration  in Belgrade restaurants can you expect

If you are wondering how much money is needed for spending  New Year's Eve in a restaurant in Belgrade, the price of All Inclusive tickets ranges from 35 euros up to 200 euros for the best seats in the elite Belgrade hotels. Experience tells us that if you want to choose a good restaurant with excellent food and drinks, good service and the band, you sholud set aside 45-50 eur per person. You can go cheaper, but the quality of some of these items will probably not be on the high level.

Regardless of whether you choose to celebrate the new year 2020 in a restaurant in Belgrade or you prefer to spend it  celebrating at home with friends, we have no doubt that you will enter into the New Year with a smile on your face :)