LOBBY EVENT CENTAR - New Year, New Year's Eve 2025

  • Music:

    Tamara Dragić & Nemanja Šolak with band

  • Drinks and food:

    Gala dinner

  • Price:

    Od 70 €

  • Address:

    Viline vode 5

  • Contact:

    066 222 151

Take a look at the club restaurant Lobby, an unprecedented interior that represents a real architectural wonder.

This newly discovered gem of Belgrade catering, leaves all visitors breathless. The interior is a perfect combination of wood and brick, which gives the impression of elegance and urban outflow.

It is located just a few minutes from the city center, a kitchen that meets all world standards, professional staff and management, and the latest sound and lighting system.

The Lobby Event Center is a place that was host only to the most exclusive corporate celebrations, and this time we've decided to make a glamorous, but also everybody's affordable New Year's Eve 2025.


The possibility of paying from abroad, as well as issuing electronic tickets, without need to come to the point of sale!


Experienced band, Tamara Dragić & Nemanja Šolak will be in charge for the top atmosphere during the whole New Year's Eve!


Ticket prices are:

  • Green zone - 75 €
  • Silver zone - 85 €
  • Red Zone - 95 €
  • Golden Zone - 100 €

Price depends on the position of the tables in the hall.

Drinks and food:

In the price of tickets, unlimited consumption of the following foreign and domestic drinks and food is included throughout the night:

  • Tapped Heineken beer
  • Wine Orfelin Kovačević (white, red, rose)
  • High quality rakia (apricot, quince, plum, viljamovka)
  • Pelinkovac Gorki list
  • Vodka
  • Gin London dry
  • Campari
  • Bianco Vermouth
  • Vinjak Rubin
  • Sodas: Coca Cola, Tonic, Bitter ..
  • Juices: orange, apple, blueberry ...
  • Sparkling and still water Knjaz Miloš
  • Mix Beverages: vodka - juice, bitter vodka, gin tonic, campari juice
  • All night free cocktails: Tropical Heat, Sex on the beach, Blue lagoon, Gin Red Passion



  • Choice of three types of cheese: edamac cheese, gauda and trapist and two types of kajmak
  • Patissel salty roll with three types of stuffing - spinach, carrot and pepper (cream cheese, sour cream, cucumber, spinach)
  • Selection of domestic crispy pies with cheese, cabbage and leeks
  • Wrap roll with chicken and beef in tortillas
  • Kanape with prosciutto and kajmak
  • Selection of dried ham and sausages
  • Integrated cakes with roast spread, cocktail kittens and kennels, Bavarian pastries


  • Russian salad
  • Salad of eggplant in marinade with pumpkin seeds
  • Greek salad
  • Coleslaw salad
  • Mimosa salad
  • Serbian salad

Warm appetizers:

  • Baked grilled vegetables in Royal sauce
  • Baked potatoes baked with cheese
  • Fries with chicken and zucchini in a gorgonzola cheese sauce

Main course:

  • Spicy calf but with barbique sauce and gnocchi
  • Fries with chicken and zucchini, pesto sauce
  • Turmeric file paned in sesame with tartar sauce on the side
  • Mixed domestic grill - kebabs, chicken fillet, beefburger, sausage cocktail
  • Chicken drumstick in cream rosemary sauce


  • Fruit cabbage and a mix of tiny New Year's cakes

Sitting map