RESTAURANT BALAšEVIć - New Year, New Year's Eve 2025

  • Music:

    Folk 'n' Roll Band

  • Drinks and food:

    Rich buffet table

  • Price:

    50 €

  • Address:

    Miška Kranjca 17a

  • Contact:

    066 222 151

Restaurant Balašević is situated in a quiet and green part of Belgrade, so it is no wonder that many people decide to celebrate their favorite moments exactly in this oasis of hedonism.

New Year's Eve is no exception. Those who don’t want to take risks with unfamiliar places, decide to spend this evening at the best place in town – at the restaurant Balašević.

There you are in the experienced and safe hands of the organizers who make a real spectacle every year.

In addition to the impeccable organization, restaurant Balašević also has a beautiful ambience that reflects the elegance and glamor necessary for an unforgettable New Year's Eve. It’s famous for its delicious specialties of international and national cuisine, in which you can enjoy at the welcoming of the year to come.

The price includes a rich buffet dinner as well as a wide range of drinks that will be available in unlimited quantities during all night.

Since no celebration can be complete without good music, restaurant Balašević has prepared two different music programs.

Folk 'n' Roll Band will play in a big banquet hall, as well as a few years before, what says a lot about their quality. Every New Year’s Eve with this band passes in a heated atmosphere, which regular and faithful guests who spend each New Year in this restaurant can confirm.

Darko Bartošek & Money Band and Maja Božanić, known for their participation in the music competition Zvezde Granda, will be responsible for the excellent music repertoire in the restaurant Balašević.

If you want that New Year’s Eve of 2025 become your unforgettable memory, then we suggest you spend New Year's Eve at the restaurant Balašević. Trust us, you will not regret it. ;-)


FREE TICKET SHIPPING for all visitors of the site
Possibility to pay from abroad, as well as delivery of tickets by express mail all over Serbia!


  • At the big banquet hall you will be entertained by the Folk 'n' Roll Band - a fantastic group of musicians who for several years now play at the New Year's celebration in our center; we didn’t change them because they are absolutely phenomenal, and only those who got the muscle inflammation from dancing to hard have complained :)
  • At the restaurant Balašević, we've prepared a real small spectacle: Darko Bartošek & Money Band & Maja Božanić (star of the music show "Zvezde Granda"). They will be playing the hits of the pop and folk music!


Price of reservation per person: 50 eur

All places are restaurant sitting, we don’t have standing, bar or other tables, and all the halls have a dance floor! We have different sizes and types of tables, so our managers will be able to fulfill your wishes.

Free internet will serve you at midnight when mobile networks are overloaded. We have prepared various surprises for you (awards for the most desirable table, for the most beautiful couple, etc.).

It would be a pleasure for us to take you on unforgettable moments and wonderful New Year's Eve.

As well as every year, booking sales don’t last long. Be by the best! Do not let your crazier night collapse in nervousness, frustration, and disappointment. Choose a proven thing!

YOUR Centar Balašević!

Drinks and food:

Guests at our New Year's party can enjoy unlimited food consumption at the rich buffet which will be refilled throughout the night, as well as drinks.


  • Vodka
  • Gyn
  • Vermouth
  • Rakia: quince, apricot, plum, viljamovka (kind of apple)
  • Pelinkovac
  • Vinjak
  • Beers: Amstel, Jelen
  • Wine: Vranac Plantaže (red), Smedervka Tikveš (white), and Rose Rubin (rose)
  • Non-alcoholic beverages: homemade coffee, juices, coca cola, sparkling water

+ SPECIAL: For all guests in the Balašević restaurant hall: Cocktails - Blue Lagoons, Red Frog, Sex On The Beach, Sky Lite. And Baileys for the ladies.

* FOOD *

Unlimited food consumption at a rich buffet that will be refilled all night long!

Cold appetizer:

  • National snack (prosciuttos, sirloin, kulen susage, feta cheese, yelow cheese, kajmak, beens, cheese in oil etc.)
  • Tuna salad
  • Seafood salad
  • Chicken salad
  • Beef salad
  • Rosbif salad
  • Chicken rolls
  • Veal rolls


  • Greece
  • Serbian
  • Šopska (traditional salad)
  • Spicy
  • Various of other salads

Warm appetizer:

  • Gnocchi cardinale
  • Risotto with vegetables
  • Various pies

Main course:

  • Pig roast
  • Lamb roast
  • Veal under the ashes with baked potatoes
  • Combined grill (5 kinds of meat)
  • Zander fish at the Andalusian and Smederevo way, with Dalmatian side dish
  • Trout in safflower sauce, potatoes
  • Chicken Quatro Formaggi


  • Cream pie
  • Cake "Ledene kocke"
  • Šam rolna - tradicional pastry filled with white cream


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