RESTAURANT BUENA VIDA - New Year, New Year's Eve 2025

  • Music:

    Nađa Golubović & Mare Stambolija band

  • Drinks and food:

    Gala dinner

  • Price:

    od 45€

  • Address:

    Bulevar Milutina Milankovića 1i

  • Contact:

    066 222 151

If you want to celebrate New Year's Eve in an unusual setting full of details, then you are in the right place!

The Buena Vida restaurant is characterized by a modern design, full of greenery that fits perfectly into the ambience and which, together with the central bar and a handful of different seating areas, forms the perfect whole of this unusual concept.

Due to the glass ceiling, a good part of the restaurant resembles a huge garden, which gives the impression that you are outdoors, although you are tucked away in a warm environment with a variety of comfortable restaurant tables, booths and high seating.

Although the main advantage of Buena vide is first-class cuisine and service, we decided to raise the recognition of the restaurant to an even higher level and designed a New Year's program for you that will satisfy everyone's culinary and musical tastes.


The possibility of paying from abroad, as well as issuing electronic tickets, without the need to come to the point of sale!


Stage 1) The main part of the restaurant and the central stage where the phenomenal vocalist Nađa Golubović & Mare Stambolija band perform.

Nađa Golubović has been performing in numerous Belgrade restaurants and clubs for more than a decade. Her performances are energetic, and the audience adores her because she always creates a memorable time! Domestic, foreign, rock, pop or folk music, Nađi Golubović does it all, and she is characterized by an elegant stage performance and a strong voice.

Mare Stambolia has collaborated with many famous singers over the years. He perfectly assesses the audience and adjusts the repertoire depending on their reaction. His specialty is pop music hits, but he also excels at newly composed hits.

Stage 2) Private lounge. Dj Velvet (Latino house, R'n'B hits). Professional cocktail masters will be making cocktails all night at promotional prices.


Price 45 euros (stage 2 - private lounge) and 50 euros (stage 1 - main part of the bar).

The price includes a full dinner and free consumption of soft drinks and water. Each reservation (table or booth) also receives a complimentary one or two bottles of wine or spirits of your choice.

Reservations are subject to a separate charge (except for seats at the bar):

  • Bar with bar stools - free reservation
  • Bar table with 2 bar stools - from 40 euros (free bottle of wine)
  • Restaurant tables for 4 people - from 120 euros (free bottle of spirit or wine)
  • Restaurant tables for 6-7 people - from 180 euros (free bottle of spirit or wine)
  • Booths (restaurant table) for 8 people - 400 euros (2 free bottles of spirit)
  • High booth for 4-5 people - 240 euros (free bottle of spirit and wine)
  • High booth for 6 people - 360 euros (free bottle of spirit and wine)
  • Premium VIP booth for 10 people - 600 euros (free bottle of premium spirit and wine)

See the map for more information!

Drinks and food:

FOOD (table service)


  • Smoked roast beef, beef prosciutto, cheese, white cheese, uranebes, olives (selection of homemade cured meat products and cheeses)
  • Roll with smoked salmon, cream cheese and chives (spinach and arugula roll, coated with cream cheese and smoked salmon)
  • Creamy chicken salad (creamy chicken spread, served with tomato salsa and homemade chips)
  • Croquettes with ham and prosciutto (homemade crispy croquettes with prosciutto and gouda, served on chipotle aioli)
  • Kesedilja with mushrooms (baked tortilla, filled with glazed mushrooms and gouda)
  • Chicken empenada (homemade dough filled with grilled chicken filling, served with curry-corn sauce)

Main dishes:

  • Rolled stuffed turkey, mushroom sauce (turkey stuffed with aromatic cheese filling, rolled in pancetta, served with mushroom sauce)
  • Pibil pork (slow-roasted pork shoulder in a sauce of Mexican peppers and citrus)
  • Marinated, grilled chicken drumstick (marinated chicken drumstick in traditional Mexican marinade, grilled in josper)


  • Potato and spinach gratin (baked potato leaves with sour cream and cheese)
  • Glazed carrots, in butter
  • Esquites corn with bacon and zucchini (traditional Mexican corn, baked with bacon and zucchini, glazed with chipotle aioli)
  • Bread basket (white, integral, corn bread)

*Fast menu (need to be announced in advance when buying tickets)


  • Guacamole with mango, homemade chips
  • Hummus with spicy apricot jam, homemade chips
  • Mini burrito filled with marinated sautéed vegetables and black bean puree
  • Spring rolls with vegetables

Main course:

  • Sea bass fillet
  • Grilled avocado with marinated corn and tomato salsa


  • Sautéed vegetables with spinach and vanilla sauce
  • Baked mushrooms glazed with soy-mirin sauce
  • Baked potatoes seasoned with Mexican spice mix

Sitting map