RESTAURANT GARDOš - New Year, New Year's Eve 2025

  • Music:

    Mistik band & Nela Vukotić (Zvezde Granda)

  • Drinks and food:


  • Price:

    od 80€

  • Address:

    Grobljanska bb

  • Contact:

    066 222 151

Gardoš Restaurant is a blend of tradition, artistic design, nature, and modern elements. The restaurant is decored in azure colors with high windows that give the impression of an open-air restaurant. This unique space, located in the heart of Zemun, next to Gardoš Tower, with a fantastic view of the Danube, is an ideal venue for exclusive events.

Allow yourself to enjoy wonderful cuisine, a sumptuous buffet made with the highest quality ingredients and with a lot of love.

Let's welcome the New Year together at the bohemian Gardoš. Enjoy the open bar which has a selection of quality drinks we have prepared for you. Top-notch service and professional staff make an indispensable unit that characterizes every event at the Gardoš Restaurant.


FREE TICKET SHIPPING for all visitors of the site

Possibility to pay from abroad, as well as delivery of tickets by express mail all over Serbia!


During the craziest night, you will be entertained by none other than the phenomenal Mistik Band and Nela Vukotić (Zvezde Granda). Masters of music and of creating a good atmosphere. Their opus includes music of Tina Turner, Aretha Franklin, Lady Gaga and Rihanna, ex-YU music hits and popular music, as well as timeless folk music hits.

The program will start with some evergreen and ex-yu pop-rock hits and as midnight approaches we PROMISE that you will not be sitting around bored!!!


  • Silver zone - 50€
  • Gold zone - 60€
  • Premium zone - 70€

Each zone includes a banquet table. All-inclusive food and drink consumption, according to the New Year's menu. For more information on the positions please see the attached sketch.

We kindly ask you to keep in mind that the capacity of the tables can be adapted to your needs and that smaller groups and couples can be seated together.

Drinks and food:

FOOD SELECTION – Service type: A buffet.


  • Mushroom pie
  • Cabbage pie
  • Cornbread with kaymak
  • A selection of smoked meat (smoked ham, tenderloin, beef prosciutto, “budimska” sausage)
  • A selection of cheeses (marinated Zlatar cheese, kashkaval, cottage cheese, emmental)
  • Baked beans with red pepper
  • Savory rolls with ajvar and spinach
  • Savory cake with four types of cheese


  • Pasta salad (ham, cream, mushrooms, mayo)
  • Greek salad
  • Fresh green salad mix with pomegranate dressing
  • Waldorf salad with chicken and nuts
  • Ajvar
  • Ljutenica (vegetable relish)
  • English salad with eggs
  • Sour cabbage

Main course:

  • Crunch chicken with barbeque sauce
  • Marinated pork chops in bacon, mushroom and paprika sauce
  • Baked smoked sirloin with mlinci.
  • Greek skewers with tzatziki dressing
  • Kebobs in kaymak sauce
  • Smoked spicy sausage
  • Marinated drumstick
  • Baked chicken fillet in cheese sauce
  • Leskovac burgers with kashkaval and dry meat
  • Smoked trout with chard and potatoes

Side dish:

  • Seasoned risotto
  • Baked potato

Fresh homemade pastries

  • Bavarian buns, wholemeal sticks, donuts with pork rinds, kaiser rolls


  • Cheesecake, Rozen cake, Bajadera – cocktail cakes.
  • Fresh fruit

Drink selection – All-inclusive:

  • Coffee - Espresso: Hausbrandt
  • Mineral water - Knjaz Miloš sparkling water, Rosa still water.
  • Juices – Apple, Blueberry, Orange
  • Sodas - Coca-Cola, Fanta, Schweppes (Bitter Lemon, Tonic Water)
  • Beer - Heineken, Zaječarsko
  • Vodka - Smirnoff
  • High-quality brandy – Apricot, Quince, Plum
  • Bitter and Vermouth - Gorki List pelinkovac, Gin, Vermouth Bianco
  • Wine selection – Doja winery (red, white, rose)

* All guests of the New Year Gala Dinner will have the opportunity to buy drinks that are not included in the all-inclusive arrangement at promotional prices.

Sitting map