RESTAURANT JEZERO BY AZZARO - New Year, New Year's Eve 2025

  • Music:

    Zvezde Granda

  • Drinks and food:

    Ultra All inclusive New Year's Eve dinner

  • Price:

    Od 65 €

  • Address:

    Ada Ciganlija

  • Contact:

    066 222 151

New Year's Eve is a special day of the year and should be celebrated in that manner.

For many years the restaurant Jezero by Azzaro has organized the happiest New Year’s celebrations in the city, so this one also will not disappoint.

The spectacular hall exudes glamor and shine, and the friendly and experienced staff will ensure that they meet all your requirements.

Welcoming of the year 2025 in this restaurant will surely remain in your memory, because the stars of the music show Zvezde Granda - Katarina Grujić, Nenad Manojlović, Ljuba Perućica i Kristina Nina Jovanović will perform for you that night!

They always make a superb atmosphere, so get ready to dance until dawn.

All inclusive arrangement includes a rich dinner made up of the most delicious specialties, as well as unlimited consumption of foreign and domestic drinks throughout the evening.

Fireworks above the lake is truly a unique sight which you’ll be able to enjoy at midnight, and it will surely contribute that  your stay in the restaurant Lake becomes one of the most beautiful memories.


FREE TICKET SHIPPING for all visitors of the site
Possibility to pay from abroad, as well as delivery of tickets by express mail all over Serbia!


Zvezde Granda (Stars of the Grand show) - Katarina Grujić, Nenad Manojlović, Ljuba Perućica i Kristina Nina Jovanović guarantee you a fantastic party throughout the evening, and the trumpet orchestra Zlatna jabuka will additional heat up the atmosphere at midnight.


Price per person ranges from 60 euros to 120 euros, depending on the position of the table in the hall and includes an elegant seating area (see map), unlimited consumption of beverages and food throughout the night.

Parking is provided for guests of the Azzaro Club and there is no charge on the ramp.

  • Blue solemn tables - 60 €
  • Green solemn tables - 80 €
  • Yellow solemn tables - 100 €
  • Red solemn tables - 120 €

Drinks and food:


Unlimited consumption of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages throughout the evening:

  • Espresso - Lavazza
  • Mineral water - Knjaz Miloš, Rosa
  • Juices - Apple, Peach, Juice, Blueberry, Pineapple
  • Sodas - Coca-Cola, Fanta, Bitter Lemon, Tonic Water, Sprite
  • Beer - Heineken, Zaječarsko
  • Vodka - Smirnoff
  • Whiskey - Johnny Walker Red Label
  • Rakia - Wild pear, apricot, three years old Šljivovica, Lozova rakia, quince rakia
  • Bitter & Vermouth - Pelinkovac, Campari, Martini, Gordon's dry gin
  • Wines - Orfelin Kovačević - Red, White, Rose - Serbia
  • Cocktails - Pina Colada, Sex On The Beach, Margarita, Mai Tai, Long Island Ice Tea, Melon ball, Long Beach tea, Orgasm, La Bomba, White Russian



  • Pie with mushrooms
  • Pie with zelje
  • Projice with kajmak
  • The choice of smoked meat (smoked neck, sirloin, beef prosciutto, budimska sausage)
  • Selection of cheese (marinated cheese from the Zlatar mountan, cheese, young cheese, ementaler)
  • Beens with red pepper
  • Ajvar and spinach roll
  • Salty cake with four types of cheese


  • Pasta salad (ham, sour cream, mushrooms, mayonnaise)
  • Greek salad
  • Russian salad
  • Chefs's salad with chicken and curry
  • Caprese salad
  • Ajvar
  • Ljutenica
  • English salad with eggs
  • A mix of green salad with marinated squid
  • A mix of marinated olives
  • Sauerkraut

Warm meals

  • Crunchy chicken with thyme sauce
  • Pork neck in sauce of bacon, mushrooms and peppers
  • Ribić in kajmak
  • Greek kebabs with tzaziki sauce
  • Fritated squid
  • Smoked trout with mangel and chopped potatoes

Side dishes:

  • Aromatic rice
  • Baked potato with vegetables


  • Apple pie

Sitting map