RESTAURANT VILA KONAK - New Year, New Year's Eve 2025

  • Music:

    Mina Kostić & Prestige Band

  • Drinks and food:

    Gala dinner

  • Price:

    Od 45 €

  • Address:

    Bulevar JNA 43

  • Contact:

    066 222 151

Restaurant Stari Konak is still located at the known old address, but is now presented in a completely new edition. The team of experienced caterers has prepared an incredible New Year’s Eve, which will be a real spectacle.

Complete gala dinner and unlimited consumption of selected foreign and domestic drinks are included in a very affordable ticket price, and friendly staff will meet any possible requirements that you may have.

If you want to celebrate with your kids, restaurant Stari Konak  offers something that few facilities have for the New Year's Eve party - the playground for the youngest that’s is within the facility in which they will be able to enjoy and socialize with their peers while you dance on the podium.

Since good celebration is impossible without good music, restaurant Stari Konak  has provided the best performers for the New Year’s eve.

Mina Kostić & Prestige Band are known for their great performance on TVs, and if you think they sound great on small screens, just wait when you hear them performing in live.

They are the masters of making the best parties, and so it will be on New Year's Eve when they will raise everybody on their feet with their powerful voices and cheerful music repertoire.


FREE TICKET SHIPPING for all visitors of the site
Possibility to pay from abroad, as well as delivery of tickets by express mail all over Serbia!


Mina Kostić & Prestige Band


Banquet sitting: 45 € (tables from 1 to 5) and 50 € (tables from 6 to 19) and includes unlimited consumption of drinks, gala dinnner and FREE Whisky.

Drinks and food:

Unlimited consumption of the following local and foreign drinks:

  • Beers: Laško, Zaječarsko, Lav
  • Wine Rašković (white, red, rose)
  • Homemade rakia (apricot, plum, quince)
  • Pelinkovac
  • Vodka
  • Gin
  • Bianco Vermouth
  • Vinjak Rubin
  • Sodas: Coca Cola, Tonic, Bitter...
  • Juices: orange, apple, blueberry...
  • Still and sparkling water Knjaz Miloš
  • Mix Beverages: vodka-juice, bitter vodka, gin tonik
  • Espresso, nescaffe and homemade coffee.
  • Free Whiskey


Appetizer - Serbian plate:

  • Pork ham
  • Beef ham
  • Kulen
  • Sausage
  • Ham
  • Mushroom pie
  • Cheese pie
  • Roll Spinach
  • Roller ham
  • Salty cakes
  • Homemade cheese
  • Corn Bread

Warm course:

  • Chicken fillet in bechamel sauce

Main course:

  • Serbian kebab
  • Leskovački uštipak - serbian specialty
  • Beefburger
  • Homemade dried sausage
  • Chicken fillet
  • Pork kebabs
  • Potatoes under the honeycomb
  • Garden salad
  • Pastry - homemade bread


  • Tiny cakes

Sitting map