SHIPS OF THE YACHTING CLUB - New Year, New Year's Eve 2025

  • Music:

    Inkluziv band

  • Drinks and food:

    Rich buffet table

  • Price:

    100 €

  • Address:

    Ušće bb Beograd

  • Contact:

    066 222 151

Cruising on the river under the light of the moon, with a glimpse of the majestic city, is a wonderful experience. If you experience it for the New Year’ Eve, then it is a dream come true you will never forget.

While literally embarking on a new year gliding through river waves at the luxury cruise ship Kay 1, enjoy a gourmet dinner based on a buffet table, unlimited consumption of home-made drinks, top music and a good time that will become one of the most precious memory.

Experience a completely different New Year's Eve and sail with us on the craziest night of the year.

Plan for the New Year's Eve:

  •  21:30 - 22:30 gathering of the guests
  •  23:00 - 01:00 cruise
  •  01:00 - 03:00 enjoy the rest of the evening

Location for boarding:

  •   Yachting Club "Kej" marina
  •  Usce bb, Novi Beograd, 1170 km of the right bank of the Danube
  •  Yachting Club "Kej" is located on the bank of the Danube between Palace of Serbia and "Usće Shopping Center"

Cruise Route:

Yachting club "Kej" | Little Horse island | Big war island | Kalemegdan fortress | Museum of Contemporary Art | Sava river dock | Branko's Bridge | Monument Old Fairground | Belgrade Waterfront | Old Sava Bridge | Gazela Bridge | Old Railway Bridge | New Railway Bridge | Belgrade Fair | Ada Bridge | back to the starting point, the port of the Yachting Club "Kej".


FREE TICKET SHIPPING for all visitors of the site
Possibility to pay from abroad, as well as delivery of tickets by express mail all over Serbia!


INKLUZIV BAND - The biggest hits of the international, pop, rock, folk, old town and evergreen music!


Price per person is 60 € (in RSD equivalent).

The price includes: local beverage package in unlimited quantities throughout the duration of the ceremony, a rich buffet table, two hours of sailing and live music!

Drinks and food:

FOOD - based on a buffet table

  • Beef prosciutto, pork sirloin, dry royal sausage, Serbian traditional sausage, olives
  • Salty Raffaelo, "Urnebes" salad - cheese with red hot chili peppers, white cheese, kashkaval
  • Corn bread, cheese pie, vegetable pie, savory red pepper cake
  • Russian salad, beet salad with sour cream, tuna salad, caprese salad,
  • turšija (fermented vegetables), sour cabbage, spinach, risotto with vegetables
  • Fried chicken with tarator sauce
  • Beef kebabs
  • Roasted pork neck
  • Braised meat with vegetables
  • Smoked trout fillets with Swiss chard and patatoes
  • Aromatic potatoes with rosemary
  • Dessert: small cakes


  • Water "Vrnjci" (still and sparkling)
  • Juices and sodas: apple, peach, orange, blueberry ("Nectar" or "Next"), Coca-Cola, Schweppes (bitter lemon, tonic water), Fanta, Sprite
  • Beer: Zaječarsko
  • Wine: Winery "Kovačević" - "Orfelin" wine (white, red and pink)
  • Homemade rakia: plum brandy, apricot, quince, pear, grape
  • Pelinkovac - a bitter liqueur based on wormwood
  • Vermouth (aromatized wine - similar to martini)
  • Vinjak - Serbian brand of Brandy (similar to cognac)
  • Dry Gin
  • Vodka
  • Nescafe, black coffee
  • Selection of tea (black, green, peppermint or fruit)