REAL SURPRISE: We tried a pizza with prunes and we loved it!

Campo de Fiori

pizza prugna naslovna
price tag

790 din


Have you ever tried pizza with dried prunes? No, neither did we. That's why we went to that restaurant Campo De Fiori eager to try their specialty Pizza Prugna and find out what it taste like .

Frankly, we were skeptical. Like pineapple, dried prunes didn’t seems as a good filling for this Italian dish. However, we gave it a chance.

When it arrived, the smell was divine, and the appearance ... We didn’t wait for it to cool even a little, we immediately rushed to her with our hands. Given that its ingredients are tomatoes, onions, prunes, gorgonzola and bacon, we were very curious what kind of taste will be this unusual combination.

We’ll describe Pizza Prugna in one word - EXCELLENT!

Crispy crust just with the just right thickness, juicy bacon and melted gorgonzola, which gives her strength simply melt on the tongue, and a strange ingredient why we have chosen this particular pizza – dry prunes, somehow perfectly connect all tastes and give them a special charm.

Who knew that dried prunes will complement the other ingredientsin such way!
Pizza Prugna really blow are mind a way and with the first bite has become one of are favorite pizzas.

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