SO SWEET IT'S HURTS: This cherry pie will blow your mind!

Restaurant Cache

restoran cache hrana 1
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350 din


Cherry pie is a traditional recep of our grandmothers and reminiscent of childhood. However, with the modernization of the kitchen, and new ways and ingridients are introduced into old recipes, which does not mean to that specialties are better this way- just different. That's why we went to Humska street to the restaurant "Cache", so we can try their version of the cherry pie.

Visual impression is phenomenal, you are almost sorry to disrupt the harmony that someone with attention put on the plate. Pie is cut into a triangle, and next to it there are three balls of ice cream and a scoop of whipped cream. Color of the toping indicates that it actually made form fresh cherries and taste confirms this. Crust it’s crispy and the pie is served hot. When you put the ice cream on top of it , it’s obtaine excellent mixed of tastes: bitter, sweet, hot and cold, which complement each other perfectly. Lovely dessert with fresh ingredients, which is obviously made up with a lot of culinary experience. The only drawback is that there is so much of it, and it is so amazing that you simply can not stop eating it.

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