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Belgrade cycling tour

Belgrade will in the Sunday of 20th May have many activities.

Besides the beautiful manifestation “Group wedding” when many couples will say “I DO” at the same time, on the same day, the event Beogradska biciklijada (Belgrade cycling tour).

Under the patronage of the Secretary for Sports and Youth of the City of Belgrade and with the support of the Agency for Safety of Transport, the Association "Sport for All" has organized another Belgrade’s cycling event.

Belgrade’s cycling tour is traditionally held every May for 35 years. The goal of the event is to promote the bicycle as an economic and ecological form of transportation and also to point out the importance of the good health habits.

Organizers of the Belgrade’s cycling tour are hoping to send valuable messages to all citizens of Serbia such as the importance of the physical exercise through recreation cycling, ecological advantages of the bicycle compared to the other form of transportation, and “Beocikl” as a tourist promotion of the Belgrade. Also, they stand out the fact that Belgrad should follow the trends in many European capitals and become safer for cycling traffic so that bicycle can become the way of transportation to work, and not only to be used in the recreational porpuses.

Belgrade cycling tour

At this year Belgrade’s cycling tour, there will be several thousands of cyclists of all generations, and from all part of Serbia.

Start position from where the cyclist will begin their ride is Trg Republike, at 11 AM. From there, they will be riding through:

•    Makedonska street

•    Dečanska street

•    through Terazijski tunnel,

•    Branko’s street,

•    Branko’s Bridge,

•    Mihajlo Pupin Boulevard,

•    through the street Omladinskih Brigada,

•    through the street Jurija Gagarina,

•    through the street the Ada’s Bridge

•    Radnička street,

•    to the sports courts at the Ada Ciganlija lake, where the finish line is.

Belgrade cycling tour

Before the ride, all participants will be informed about the safe driving. After the instructions, participants will start the recreative bike ride, accompanied by the traffic police.

All participants that reach the finish line will get the cycling permit with the number, which will allow them to participate in the lottery, where the lucky winners will receive valuable awards.

Recovery from the bike ride

For those who spend numerous hours on the bike each week, this ride doesn't seem so hard. But for others, it can be very demanding. Even the professional cyclist will take a break after such a tour and recharge their batteries.

Nothing brings back the energy as a good meal. Within your reach are amazing Belgrade’s restaurants where you can eat a healthy and balanced meal that won’t ruin the effects of the bike ride.

Here are some of these restaurants:

Restaurant Tag

Throughout the cycling trail over the Ada Bridge, you will very soon reach the quay on the Ušće and the excellent river restaurants that are there.

One of them is the restaurant Tag which provides enjoyment throughout the day, but also at night.

Here you can refresh yourself with some of the many alcoholic or non-alcoholic cocktails, delicious healthy smoothies or try the excellent dishes that this restaurant has to offer.

What makes restaurant Tag stand out is also its special fitness menu, ideal for everyone who looks after their appearance and health. Here you will find dishes that have low-calorie value, are rich in good nutrients and taste excellent. The dishes from this menu are a great choice for recharging batteries after a strenuous bicycle ride, and a pleasant ambiance and a beautiful view to the other side of the river and the old city are a perfect break both for the soul and for the body.

Restaurant Play

Another beautiful restaurant is located on this quay, and that is the restaurant Play.

Its cozy ambiance decorated with modern design contains lots of cheerful colors, which automatically raise the mood. It is also ideal for an afternoon cafe or a drink with friends, but the real star of this restaurant is its interesting menu. You can find many healthy options on it, and it changes from season to season, so you can always try something new.

The smell of the delicious meals will surely open your appetite, and excellent specialties are a pleasure for all your senses. This is a great place to relax and enjoy the good tastes and beautiful landscape that surrounds his amazing restaurant.

Restaurant Hush Hush

If you are coming back from the goal of the Belgrad’s cycling tour to downtown, you will probably use the bicycle trail from Ada to Dorcol Quay. It will bring you to the old town side of the Branko’s Bridge, where some of the best Belgrade’s restaurants are located.

One of them is a restaurant Hush Hush. It’s located in the famous Beton Hall and represent the real oasis of hedonism. It’s one of the newest restaurants on the gastronomic map of Belgrade, but with its quality and impeccable service, it has deserved the place in the very top of the Belgrade's restaurant scene.

At the restaurant Hush Hush you can try the unusual dishes that you can’t taste anywhere else since they are the original creations of the master chef. Meni is based on the international cuisine, but there is also a part of the menu with the twist called the “Balkan fusion” – an incredible blend of traditional Serbian cuisine and unusual ingredients. Whatever you try - you will not make a mistake. The eclectic menu of the restaurant Hush Hush has something for everyone, and even those who are on a special diet can find something that suits their needs and taste.

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