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The Belgrade catering scene is made up of a wide variety of restaurants. Depending on your preferences and needs, you can opt for those who offer national cuisine or for others which offer international dishes, you can enjoy the beautiful view of the city or relax in the shade of phenomenally landscaped gardens...

Either way, one thing is certain, Belgrade is a city that has something to offer to everyone.

However, since there is a wide selection of restaurants in downtown Belgrade, we have singled out for you the ones you should definitely visit.



The Kalemegdanska Terasa restaurant is located in a very attractive part of the city for both domestic and foreign guests. Situated within the walls of the popular Belgrade fortress, Kalemegdan, this restaurant offers to all its guests the ultimate enjoyment in its cozy atmosphere, a wide offer of food and drinks and the beautiful view of the place where the two of our most beautiful rivers, the Sava and the Danube, meet.

If you get tired after a long walk through downtown Belgrade and want to take a short break to freshen up or have a delicious meal, then this is the perfect place for you. The Kalemegdanska Terasa restaurant welcomes its guests in a now well-known location, offering them a truly hedonistic experience. It is a kind of oasis of peace, a place where you can relax and experience Belgrade in the best possible way.

Choose some of the fantastic national or international specialties, treat yourself to homemade brandies or other famous drinks and feel the energy that this restaurant has been sharing with its guests for many years. With superior service and homely atmosphere, let the symphony of flavors and smells blend in perfectly so that all your senses come alive after the first bite.

Enjoy one of the most beautiful views from the phenomenal terrace of this restaurant during warm summer days or evenings. Many who have visited say that this is one of the most beautiful places where you can watch the sunset in Belgrade. And when you have completely rested and filled your body and mind with positive energy, you can continue your walk, visit the famous Belgrade Zoo, find out about some new legend of Kalemegdan Fortress, or simply stay in the restaurant and enjoy a live music performance until the late evening hours. It's up to you to come and indulge yourself... We are sure you will have the time of your life.



The Mokum restaurant rightly bears the title of one of the most beautiful restaurants in Belgrade. It is located in the center of Belgrade, on Jug Bogdanova Street. With its phenomenal interior and superb service, this restaurant gathers all those who want to enjoy phenomenal food and a breathtaking view.

Located on the rooftop of the Amsterdam Hotel, the Mokum restaurant offers to all its guests an excellent view of Belgrade. Take a seat and observe on one side the New Belgrade and Ušćee, on the other Savamala and Belgrade Waterfront, and on the third side the phenomenal Saint Sava Temple.

The menu of this beautiful restaurant contains a variety of delicious national and international specialties, as well as a rich drink list that will make every dish come to life. It will certainly whet your appetite and take you on an amazing journey through the most beautiful flavors of the world. And that's not all. Unparalleled gastronomic enjoyment will be ensured by top culinary masters who will wake all your senses with their skill and love for cooking. Do not forget to try some delicious desserts that will simply melt in your mouth.

The Mokum restaurant is a place of pure hedonism. Its dual concept offers an excellent experience to all guests. And while it is an ideal place for a short break and a cup of coffee or lunch with friends, family or business partners, in the evening it gets a whole new look. It becomes a place ideal for romantic dinners and celebrating some of the most important moments in one’s life.

One of Belgrade's favorite streets, Knez Mihailova Street is located near the restaurant, as are many other important venues, such as shopping malls, Ušće, Rajić's, cinemas, halls, places for a crazy night out like Savamala and Beton Hala. Only a few kilometers away is the now popular new part of the city, the famous Belgrade Waterfront. So, the Mokum restaurant is an answer to all your wishes and needs. All you have to do is visit and see why this is one of the best restaurants in Belgrade.



The Langouste restaurant is one of Belgrade's most prominent restaurants. It is also one of the restaurants which are very close to receiving the most prestigious award in the culinary world - the famous Michelin star.

Two decades ago, this restaurant joined the Belgrade catering scene and allowed all lovers of quality fish specialties to try new phenomenal flavors.

The hard work and dedication of experienced caterers have paid off, and the Langouste restaurant is now a great place where you can enjoy all the kinds of fish, international and Mediterranean specialties. The true culinary masters of this restaurant prepare dishes from high-quality ingredients that will open your appetite and awaken all your senses. Although the main trump card of this restaurant is fish, it still did its best to prepare a real feast for those who are more in favor of traditional specialties.

With the combination of the finest spices and fresh ingredients from our area, the Langouste restaurant has in store delicious meals for everyone. Try delightful pasta, salads, risotto or tiger prawns, lobster, as well as steak, beefsteak, seafood. We are sure you will fall in love after the first bite. Try some quality wines with your meal and experience true hedonism.

In addition to top-notch food, Langouste Restaurant offers a cozy ambiance and space that is designed to make you feel like you are at home. Comfort comes first. So sit back by the window and enjoy the beautiful view of the Danube and the Sava, as well as the magnificent Belgrade bridges. Whether you're looking for a place for family, business or lunch with friends, the Langouste restaurant is the place that meets the demands of even the most discerning guests.

  • More info: Langouste restaurant
  • Address: Kosančićev venac 29
  • Working hours: Monday - Saturday: from 12 am to 12 pm  Closed on Sundays 
  • Reservation number: 066 00 24 00



The City Garden restaurant found its place at one of the busiest spots in the city, at the corner of Knez Mihailova and Kalemegdan, in Rajić Shopping Mall. If you are a fan of a relaxed atmosphere and like to enjoy great food then the City Garden will quickly become your favorite restaurant in the city.

Whether you decide to visit this restaurant to have a short break after a long stroll downtown or if you are looking for the perfect place for a family, business or lunch with friends, we are sure that it will easily meet all your requirements.

At the City Garden, you have the opportunity to try many international specialties and indulge in a relaxed atmosphere. The perfect blend of modern interior with a warm, homely atmosphere makes it an ideal place for breakfast, lunch or dinner. On warm summer days, the City Garden offers all its guests the opportunity to relax in its beautifully landscaped summer garden. However, even in the winter days, you have the opportunity to watch the snow or rain falling down on Belgrade. An extraordinarily beautiful view of the Knez Mihailova Street, Kalemegdan, Clock Tower and Ušće stretches from this restaurant.

The City Garden restaurant is one of the few places in the heart of the city that provides everything you need in just one place... A fantastic view, a variety of culinary delicacies, professional service, and a relaxed atmosphere... Visit and see for yourself why it will become one of your favorite restaurants in Belgrade.

  • More info: City Garden restaurant
  • Address: Kneza Mihailova Street 54 (Rajić's Shopping Mall)
  • Working hours: Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday: from 9 am to 11 pm   Thursday, Friday, Saturday: from 9 am to 12 pm
  • Reservation number: 066 00 24 00



Belgrade is a city that boasts an extremely rich hospitality scene. Although a large number of Belgrade restaurants offer the same or similar atmosphere, some provide a completely different service, interior, and music. One of them is the Little Bay restaurant, located in the heart of the city, at Dositejeva Street no. 9. The very first time you enter this place you will know what it is that makes it so special.

The interior of the Little Bay is truly unique, decorated in Baroque style, with numerous valuable works of art hanging on the walls, gold details, and heavy red draperies, this place will enchant you with its spirit, energy and rich offer of food from different parts of the world.

For a unique feel, you can choose one of the real theater lodges, named after some of the most famous classical music composers. This special ambiance will make you feel comfortable, yet elegant and special. In addition, you will be able to enjoy performances by some of the most prominent names in the fields of classical and jazz music, as well as opera singers who often entertain guests of the Little Bay restaurant.

The experienced chefs at the Little Bay restaurant make sure that only the best gastronomic specialties are presented to their guests. As part of the well-known restaurant chain in London and Brighton, this is a well-established restaurant and a place you won’t regret coming to. While listening to the most beautiful notes and verses, you will enjoy a real symphony of flavors that will leave you breathless. With some of the many fine wines found at the rich drink list, we are sure that the Little Bay restaurant will become your number one place when it comes to Belgrade restaurants.



 The Tri Šešira restaurant has been a well-known place for many years now. It is one of the most visited restaurants located in the heart of Belgrade. Opened in 1864, this restaurant is situated in the well-known Skadarlija, the essence of true bohemians. It maintains its long tradition diligently, taking care that every guest comes out happy and outstandingly satisfied.

Some of the most famous Serbian writers and artists spent days and nights right at this very place and even today, many celebrities often come to the Tri Šešira restaurant whenever they want to return to the past and recall the true long-gone bohemian days.

This is a place where you will have the opportunity to feel the true spirit of the taverns... From its interior, through the rich menu with national specialties and top music programs, everything is maximally subordinated to the enjoyment of every guest who chooses to visit the Tri Šešira restaurant.

Whenever you visit this restaurant, you will feel the warmth that many Belgrade restaurants cannot provide. Choose some of the traditional Serbian specialties, prepared according to old well-preserved recipes, try homemade quality brandies or wines from famous cellars and see for yourself that the real paradise is not far - it is right here in the center of Belgrade at the Tri Šešira restaurant.

With the sounds of tambourines and your favorite music, every single visit to the Tri Šešira restaurant will be a true paradise for the soul. Indulge yourself, experience the greatest pleasure ever and expect nothing less than true hedonism.



The Dva Jelena restaurant is a must-see place when it comes to the Belgrade restaurant scene. Its long tradition is a testament to the quality and superior service that this restaurant has been jealously guarding for many years.

Located in the heart of the city, in the famous Skadarlija, this restaurant is considered to be one of the most interesting restaurants in the city. It is ideal for a short break after a long stroll through the most beautiful streets of Belgrade, but also for lunch or dinner when you want to relax or get acquainted with the tradition and the true flavors of Serbia.

If you are looking for a place where you will have the opportunity to feel a true bohemian spirit, taste the most delicious traditional Serbian dishes and enjoy music that is a true paradise for the soul, we are sure that the Dva Jelena restaurant will meet all your expectations. An interesting menu, friendly staff, and a genuine atmosphere are just part of what awaits you if you decide to spend a few hours at the Dva Jelena restaurant.

An authentic interior will take you back to a former era when people enjoyed every bite and taste of real home-made brandy. When you add the sound of tambourines to it all... what else do you need to enjoy with all of your senses.

Many famous Serbs spent their time enjoying the magic of the Dva Jelena tavern. Even today it attracts both senior guests and young people who want to preserve the bohemian spirit and enjoy great music, food, and atmosphere. Come and see for yourself why the Dva Jelena restaurant is an integral part of the city's most popular restaurant scene.



Elegance, top-notch service, phenomenal ambiance, and cozy atmosphere are just a part of what awaits you if you decide to visit the beautiful The Square restaurant. Located in the city center, this restaurant offers all its guests the ultimate enjoyment in one of the most elegant hotels in Belgrade.

Situated in the Square nine Hotel, it is a great place for a short coffee break, as well as for lunch or dinner with family, friends or business partners.

 The Square restaurant is a place where hedonism reigns. With the first beautiful sunny days, on the beautiful Piazzetta, you can enjoy a view of the sun-bathed Student Square.

All lovers of good food happily spend their time here, indulging in unusual flavors and aromas. Experienced culinary masters take care of every ingredient that enters their kitchen, using their experience and love of cooking to create little masterpieces on each plate.

In addition to daily visits, The Square restaurant is one of the best places to hold celebrations, weddings and other important moments in life. Its elegance, superb service, and quality dishes deserve your trust. The Square restaurant menu has a variety of international specialties, with plenty of quality drinks, and we are sure you will not choose wrong if you decide to visit it. Don't listen to what others have to say, see for yourself why this restaurant earns the trust and love of its guests after the very first bite.

  • More info: The Square restaurant
  • Address: Studentski Trg 9
  • Working hours: Lunch: 12:30h - 16:30h   Dinner: 6:30h - 11:00h   Closed on Sundays 
  • Reservation number: 066 00 24 00



 Although there are many different restaurants in Belgrade, there are a few that offer fresh fish and other seafood on their menus. Still, there is one that is really worth a visit - the Papalada restaurant.

Located in the heart of the city, on Francuska Street, this is a restaurant that always offers something more to its guests. It is a place where you will have the opportunity to enjoy fish and international specialties - all in a phenomenal ambiance and relaxed atmosphere.

The maximum enjoyment of the guests takes the number one spot at the Papalada restaurant. If you opt for a Mediterranean specialty know that you will surely be satisfied. Fresh ingredients, well combined with quality spices, and prepared with a lot of care and love will make you experience an unparalleled gastronomic enjoyment. Every dish that comes out of the kitchen of the Papalada restaurant is a true masterpiece of modern culinary art.

If you want to enjoy lunch or dinner with your family or friends all while relaxing and experiencing true hedonism, visit the Papalada restaurant. We all know that a glass of quality white wine pairs well with fish, so pick one out of many found on the diverse wine list. After the first bite, you will understand why this is one of the best seafood restaurants in the city.



Klub Književnika restaurant is a place where art, love of writing, literature, and acting meet... That is why today, as it did seventy years ago, it brings together many famous names, actors, and writers. Although times are changing, it is persistently resisting this change, maintaining its quality and superior service.

Located in the heart of the city, at Francuska Street no. 7, it is an ideal place for lunch or dinner, as well as for celebrating the most important moments in life. Many celebrities have decided to say 'YES' right at this very place, and it is also visited by those who seek refuge from the tedious everyday obligations. You will certainly find the best company for a good conversation at this famous Belgrade restaurant.

You will also find a variety of delicious dishes from the national and international cuisine on the menu of the Klub Književnika restaurant. Experienced culinary masters create phenomenal specialties from any ingredients, all of which will make your senses come to life and awaken all the memories of times gone by. In addition to savory delicacies, there are a number of sweet dishes on the menu.

With the help of quality drinks, you are guaranteed to experience a real explosion of flavors and aromas. If you are a true gourmand, a lover of long stories, art, and creativity, we are sure that the Klub Književnika restaurant is the right place for your next night out.

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