BELGRADE MANIFEST 2018 – Fun for the whole family



Belgrade manifest

Belgrade has always been full of interesting events, especially in warm spring days.

 Another opportunity to the magic of the capital city is taking place from May 25th to May 27th, when the Belgrade Manifest 2018 is held. This is the largest regional family festival of events and destinations that provide entertainment for the whole family.

The event will be held at Kalemegdan, and the entrance is free of charge for all visitors.

The program content of the festival is very broad, and numerous attractions from the sphere of tourism, beauty, health, many movie shows, dances, concerts, performances, promotions, entertainment for children, beer, wine and gastronomic tastings awaits you. All activities are distributed through ten festival zones and five stages.

The point and purpose of this unique event are to present tourist offers and attractions at the beginning of the summer season, to all visitors. So, in one place, you can get to know and experience the part of the atmosphere from the most interesting destinations, where you may have decided to spend your vacation, and have fun with your family.

In a creative and imaginative way, representatives of more than 60 municipalities in Serbia will present their cultural, historical and gastronomic richness. Representatives of Montenegro, Slovenia, and Republika Srpska will present the beauty of their countries as well. These countries are the guests of this year's festival, and Republika is also a partner of the event. In the specially designed zone, they will present their tourist offer, as well as authentic specialties of their national cuisines.

The Children Zone at the Belgrade Manifest is always the most delightful and colorful part of the festival, and so will be this year too. In addition to numerous children's programs and interactive content, the children's area will also have an educational part where kids and their parents will be able to learn about the importance of environmental recycling, and a lecture about the safety of children in traffic will also be held.

Belgrade Manifest

A campaign "Manifest yourself- Every can is important", which was held from May 11th to May 21st  in front of Ušće Shopping Center, where cans were collected for recycling, will be continued at the Belgrade Manifest.

Every year, Belgrade Manifest is enriched with the new content, in accordance with the new trends. This year's event will feature the Festival of Domestic Craft Beer and the Wine Festival, where some of the best craft breweries and wineries in Serbia will be presented.

Enjoying in numerous activities, colors, textures, home-made beer and wine will be complemented by a wide gastronomic offer, as well as a great performance of bands that will perform live.

A very interesting part of the Belgrade Manifest 2018 will be an exhibition of large hay straws sculptures that will be made on the spot by the most eminent artists in the area, and the great colorful air balloons will additionally complement this wonderful event.

Belgrade Manifest

Visiting the Belgrade Manifest is a great way to spend a weekend that will remain one of your favorite family memories.

Especially if you then take your loved ones to lunch in one of these great, nearby Belgrade restaurants.

Restaurant New Reset

After a fun day at the Belgrade Manifest, take a walk to the restaurant New Reset, which is near Kalemegdan.

The visit to this restaurant is worth every step since it has an ideal atmosphere for relaxation and a peaceful lunch with family or friends.

Although located in the busy Gospodar Jovanova street, this restaurant is completely isolated from the noise of the Belgrade downtown. Its beautiful ambiance is complemented by a beautiful garden, and the entire restaurant is a real oasis of peace, perfect for a break after an exciting day.

The menu is very versatile and created to satisfy all tastes. Here you can taste the best specialties of national and international cuisine, so it really provides something for everyone.

New Reset restaurant is the right place to reset and recharge the batteries, and at the same time enjoy all the senses.

Restaurant Dorian Gray

Strahinjića Bana street is just a short walk from Kalemegdan, and a great restaurant Dorian Gray is located in this street too.

For many years this restaurant justifies its reputation as one of the best restaurants in Belgrade with its excellent quality and service.

The ambiance of this restaurant is a very comfortable and modern, and its garden is designed for enjoyment. Not only in warm and dry days - the restaurant Dorian Gray uses an innovative heating system that is based on the principle of infrared heating, so you can sit in the garden, even in the coldest days.

The trees surrounding the garden provide a thick shade, making it an ideal refreshment during the summer heat.

The restaurant menu is based on international dishes. From the very opening, this restaurant has set high standards - both when creating meals and in their aesthetic presentation.

Great taste and quality of food is something that is given the utmost attention in this restaurant, so every dish you try will delight your palate.

The menu is constantly updated with new dishes, in line with current trends, so in Dorian Gray restaurant you can always try some new and interesting meals.

Restaurant Šešir moj

When you are at Kalemegdan, use the chance to visit the bohemian quarter of Belgrade - the famous Skadarlija.

In addition to preserving the spirit of tradition and the past days, Skadarlija also has the best restaurants of the national cuisine, such as the Šešir moj restaurant.

You can not miss restaurant Šešir moj while you walk through this part of the city, because it stands out with its magic garden and colorful flowers.

Although not very large, the garden of this restaurant is designed for relaxation. Flowers can be found everywhere in the garden, which gives a special charm and instantly raises the mood.

Excellent food will also bring up a smile on your face, and make you want to lick your fingers (that’s how delicious it is).  Whenever you want traditional Serbian cuisine, this is the right place to go to.

All the dishes are cooked according to old recipes and homemade ingredients, so they will surely delight you with their authentic tastes.

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