Concert: The Fragrance of the Heritage



National Orchestra of Radio Television of Serbia (RTS)

On June 6th, Kombank Dvorana (Kombank Hall, the former Dom Sindikata Hall) will be the center for the most beautiful melodies of the best origin songs of our country and region.

Vocal soloists Bilja Krstić and Ivan Milinković will sing selected compositions in the traditional spirit, accompanied by the National Orchestra of Radio Television of Serbia (RTS), under the management of Vlada Panović.

Bilja Krstić has been a star for many years on the Serbian music scene. For more than 15 years, she has been singing with the orchestra and promoting the ethnomusicological heritage of our country and was a regular member of the groups Rani Mraz and Suncokret.

She can successfully create a connection between contemporary musical tendencies and origin music pieces, so her performance is always interesting and enchanting.

Ivan Milinković has been an opera soloist for nine years, and he has made the most significant presence on our music scene with the group Legende, which he has been a member for many years. This prominent artist won many awards and honors, and his powerful voice and beautiful ballads have marked his career.

The National Orchestra of RTS has a tradition of eight decades. At the forefront of the orchestra, there is a soloist on the accordion, Vlada Panović, and the orchestra is famous for its rich repertoire and unique sound.

When these stars get together at a concert, you know that you will have a great time.

The concert starts at 8 PM and the ticket price varies from the zone:

•    Zone 1 - 1500 RSD

•    Zone 2 - 1200 RSD

•    Zone 3 - 1000 RSD

This is the first time that these brilliant soloists unite their voices of a full-length concert accompanied by the National RTS Orchestra.

The program entitled "The Fragrance of the Heritage, a concert for two stars" brings the most beautiful songs of Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Macedonia.

This will be a real spectacle for anyone who likes origin Serbian music.

If you are going to the concert, it would not be bad to have a bite before, so that your growling stomach doesn’t interfere with your enjoyment.

Start the evening in accordance with the same theme, with an early dinner at one of the best ethno restaurants in Belgrade.


Restaurant Šešir moj

If you want to feel all the charms of the old Belgrade, you know where to go – to Skadarlija.

Tradition and bohemian spirit permeate every corner, and the restaurants, that are found there, are real guardians of the history.

One of these restaurants is the restaurant Šešir moj.

Since its opening, it has been a place of gathering for prominent poets, journalists, musicians, scientists, politicians, and writers, and this hasn't changed to the present day.

The spirit of the past days is felt in every part of its pleasant ambiance, and its kitchen reflects that as well. All the dishes are prepared according to authentic Serbian recipes, which will bring you back to your childhood with their irresistible tastes.

The staff is professional, and all waiters wear the lovely hats from the era of old Belgrade.

This is one of those places where once you come, you are constantly returning. This is due to a unique ambiance and atmosphere, and the authentic food and impeccable service.

Since it is only ten-minute walk away from the Kombank Hall, and the Fragrance of the Heritage concert, this restaurant is an ideal place for a late lunch or an early dinner before enjoying the music spectacle that awaits you.

Restaurant Šešir moj

Restaurant Sač

If you are going to the concert from Zemun, start the trip a little bit earlier and treat yourself with some of the excellent dishes of the restaurant Sač.

As its name suggests, this restaurant specializes in the dishes under the sač (underneath the ashes), and we all know what kind of delicious taste the food prepared in this way has.

This kind of preparation is incorporated into the tradition of Serbian cuisine, and the dishes under the sač are the ethno specialties of our country.

No one can resist food under the sač and, for tourists, this is an incredible discovery.

Saving the tradition and the pleasure that food under the sač brings, are the reasons why this restaurant specializes precisely for this kind of preparation of the food. You can enjoy the veal or lamb that melts in the mouth, and all the recommendations go down to smoked pork leg prepared underneath the ashes that will blow you off your feet with its phenomenal taste.

Besides the dishes prepared under the ashes, the menu of Sač restaurant has many other specialties of national cuisine, which are equally extraordinary.

In this restaurant, you will always feel welcomed, and here you can read more about its pleasant ambiance and home atmosphere.

For more than a decade, restaurant Sač is one of the best ethno restaurants in Belgrade, and each visit remains as a wonderful memory.

Restaurant Sač

Restaurant Stara Kafana

If your way to the Kombank Hall passes through Dušanovac, take the opportunity when you are already in that area and visit the excellent restaurant Stara Kafana.

For real gourmets of fine taste that enjoy specialties of national cuisine, this is an inevitable station.

The ambiance of the restaurant Stara Kafana authentically represents the tradition of Serbian hospitality and the feeling, that the history of Serbia is woven into the walls of the restaurant, fulfills the whole space.

Excellent food, prepared by following the old, original recipes, also contributes to this impression.

Nowadays, it is difficult to find a tavern with a soul, which has retained all the traditional values that the real tavern should possess.

The comfortable, hospitable, relaxed and pleasant atmosphere makes this restaurant an excellent choice for a family lunch, having fun with friends with the sounds of the tamburaši or a dinner for two.

Restauran Stara kafana is there for all those who value traditional values and like to enjoy a good bite, with a glass of homemade rakia.

Stara Kafana wins you over at a first glance and provides an unforgettable experience that you will remember for a long time.

Restaurant Stara Kafana

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