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A meat prepared on the grill is something we all like to enjoy from time o time. It has a special taste and charm, and this way of preparation is incorporated in the tradition of Serbian cuisine. The barbecue arrived in our country from Turkey, but, the time passing by, the recipes were modified according to local flavors and spices, thus creating a unique Serbian specialty.

Preparing a meat on the barbecue in Serbia appeared in the 18th century when, for the first time in history books, there was a record about the ćevapi. Ćevapi are otherwise a dish that is shared by many nations. However, there are major differences in seasoning, the type of meat, as well as the way of preparation from country to country, so each country has the right to call the ćevap its specialty. For example, the Serbian ćevap is very different from the Bosnian. Even in Serbia itself, there are different ways for meat preparation on the barbecue from place to place.

It is said that the best barbecue in our country is made in the city of Leskovac, but you can taste excellently grilled specialties in Belgrade too. We present Belgrade restaurants where you can eat the best barbecue.

Restaurant Žar

As its name suggests, this restaurant specializes in preparing grilled dishes.

Restaurant Žar is easily accessible from all parts of the city and is located in the very heart of Banovo Brdo, in Požeška Street.

If you are driving to this location, you do not have to worry about where you will leave your vehicle, because there is a large public parking lot in front of this restaurant.

Restaurant Grill is a local cuisine restaurant that offers a great deal of quality and price. Traditional recipes are woven into every dish, and all dishes are a real pleasure for all your senses.

The menu is dominated by a great offer of grilled specialties, which many claims to be among the best in the city.

The portions are very abundant, and the food will seduce you with irresistible tastes and aromas.

The ambiance of the restaurant Žar is very interesting and reflects warmth and a hospitable atmosphere. This makes it an ideal place to socialize with friends over a delicious meal, lunch with the family, or an intimate dinner.

Restaurant Žar satisfies all the tastes, you are always welcome, and you will leave it happy and satisfied - every time.

Restaurant Žar

Restaurant Gladni vuk

Restaurant Gladni vuk, located in the very center of Zemun, is a place that you will always be happy to come back to.

Here you will feel at home as the atmosphere is domestic and hospitable, and the ambiance is very pleasant. In winter you can enjoy the warmth of the interesting interior, which is very nicely decorated, and the warm days are ideal for enjoying the shade of the garden.

Restaurant Gladni vuk is famous for its grilled specialties, as well as for the best price and quality ratio.

Their chicken wings are considered the best in Belgrade, and other gourmet dishes that you can try here are not far from it.

Experienced and friendly staff is there to fulfill every wish you might have and you will always feel welcome.

Even if you come to the restaurant hungry as a wolf, you will have a hard time to conquer the whole portion, as the portions are very generous and abundant.

Excellent grilled dishes and best chicken wings in the city will surely win over all your senses. Book your place and see the excellent quality of this restaurant for yourself.

Restaurant Gladni vuk

Restaurant Trem

Restaurant Trem will win you over at the first glance with its imposing ambiance, and then with the great gourmet specialties.

Secluded from the traffic and located in the peaceful part of Banovo Brdo, this restaurant is a true oasis of peace and an ideal break from the city hustle.

The traditional elements are superbly combined with a modern design, and make the interior of the restaurant Trem very interesting.

The large garden is as impressive as the interior of the restaurant and is an ideal place to enjoy good tastes during the warm days. A pleasant and relaxed atmosphere pervades, so you can relax and enjoy to the fullest.


This restaurant is known as a place where you can taste the best barbecue in Belgrade, as well as many other dishes from a varied menu.

Due to the fact that Trem restaurant strives for every guest to be satisfied, some international specialties are also available. All the meals are simply excellent, so you will not make mistakes whatever you choose.

Friendly and highly professional staff will make the maximum effort to fulfill every request you have so that your visit will be an unforgettable experience.

Due to the peaceful and relaxed ambiance, top service, extremely delicious food and the quality that is enviable, restaurant Trem is one of the best Belgrade national cuisine restaurants, where you can enjoy the most wonderful grill dishes.

We are sure that, after your first visit, you will become its permanent guest.

Restaurant Trem

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