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Belgrade Marathon

Nice weather has come to stay, and the spring is in full swing. The ideal time for numerous events that take place in Belgrade this April.
The most important activity that many are preparing for months is just outside the door - the Belgrade Marathon, which takes place on Saturday, April 21st.
Everyone can take part in it, even those who do not run. The organizers invite everyone to walk and thus give homage to a healthy lifestyle.

This is a very important manifestation that doesn't include only the people that live in Belgrade and citizens of Serbia - it has an international character.
Many foreigners cross many kilometers to attend this event, even as observers.
Belgrade marathon is the largest and most massive sports event in Serbia, where all generations and people can participate in various physical modes.

It is a day when Belgrade celebrates a healthy life, encourages physical activity, but also a day when joy and happiness prevail over the city. The euphoria of the Belgrade Marathon is almost palpable and nobody can resist it.

Belgrade Marathon

Short History

This year's Belgrade marathon is the 31st in a row. The first marathon was held in 1988, and it emerged as an idea to rebuild the race that had been running from Obrenovac to Belgrade in 1910. The initiative for its realization was an idea of the journalist of the radio station "Studio B", Đoka Vještica, and athlete Bane Radović.
The city of Belgrade accepted the proposal and organized a race, which was neither marathon nor half-marathon - there was only one track, 23 kilometers long. Only domestic competitors had the right to participate.

The next year, the track was doubled, and now competitors from foreign countries could participate.

With the cooperation of the director of the "New York Marathon", Fred Libou, the Belgrade marathon in 1990 has risen to the world level. A new track is being constructed and certified. So this manifestation becomes a member of AIMS.
The first official recorders of the Belgrade marathon track became the Kenyan Joseph Nzu and the Yugoslavian Suzana Ciric.

In addition to the marathon race, the program included a half-marathon and a "Race of Satisfaction" to 5,000 meters, so that the concept of today's Belgrade Marathon was established at that time.

Although the difficult period followed with the beginning of the war conflict followed, the marathon took place in 1991 and 1992.
The race was held in increasingly difficult conditions due to the war environment, in 1992, the success of the marathon led to the formation of the Belgrade Marathon d.o.o, which launched the development of triathlon in Belgrade and Yugoslavia.
In 1993, the Children's Marathon at Terazije was held in the city center for the first time, and great interest assured organizers that this introduction to the grand marathon should be maximally engaged.

During the war conflict, the Belgrade marathon was held every year, and due to sanctions, blockade of the country and the Belgrade airport, foreign competitors landed in Budapest, from where they were transported to Belgrade.
In 1995, despite the media and economic blockade, "Belgrade Marathon" concluded the first international sponsorship contract with the Japanese company ASICS.
That same year, the Children's Marathon moves to the ZOO.

Belgrade MArathon

The only time the race was not competitive was the Belgrade marathon in 1999. While bombs were being dropped all over Serbia, Belgrade became the first place in the world where the marathon was held in the war conditions.
The marathon was wearing the slogan "Stop the War - Run the World", but all planned programs were canceled due to the bombing. This did not prevent competitors from 7 foreign countries to come to Belgrade without an invitation, and a marathon race was held in which 39 marathon runners crossed the whole path together and reached the goal at the same time.
It was the first and only marathon where all the participants were winners.

Since its inception, to date, when the Belgrade Marathon celebrates its 31st birthday, this event has become internationally recognized and equally important as marathons in the world's major capitals. It is a cause of visit for many tourists and represents Belgrade in the most beautiful light.

Plan and program of the marathon

Belgrade marathon is adapted to all ages, so it is maintained:

Children's marathon - a race intended for the youngest.

Satisfaction race - event with the largest number of participants. Everyone is welcome to run or just enjoy walking around Belgrade's streets free from traffic.

Half marathon (21.1 kilometers) - it is made according to all world standards, and it is intended for serious runners. All citizens have the right to participate, and children aged 14 to 18 must have a written consent from their parents.

Marathon (42,195 km) - the main race of the event, intended for the most dynamic runners. All citizens over 18 are eligible.

Belgrade Marathon

Take advantage of Belgrade during the marathon

The largest number of domestic and foreign tourists decided to visit Belgrade just in the time of the Belgrade Marathon. It's a great opportunity to get to know this beautiful city.
Each city is best known by foot, and this manifestation allows you to walk freely along the vast streets from which the traffic will be diverted.
So on foot, you can visit the biggest attractions such as Skadarlija and Kalemegdan, go down to the river or take a walk through Brankov most to the beautiful Zemun quay.
Since the Belgrade Marathon is a full day event, you can also make a break for lunch and enjoy the most delicious snacks. In choosing the most beautiful restaurant that meets all your wishes and needs, is your best ally.

Restaurant Sent Andrea

If you have energy, do not miss the magic of Belgrade's nightlife. This is a city that never sleeps and every day is a  weekend is.
Crazy parties, acoustic performances, and DJs performances are held every night of the week. Consult the best site in this area that deals with Belgrade's nightlife,, and celebrate the 31st birthday of the Belgrade Marathon in a traditional tavern, club, bar or cafe that accommodates your desires and needs.

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