SMOKING IN RESTAURANTS: This shouldn't surprise you in Belgrade


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People smoking in the restaurant

When you come to Belgrade, you will notice that there is not a lot people standing and smoking on the street.
Unlike other European capital cities, in Belgrade you can smoke almost anywhere – even in restaurants!

Clubs, coffee shops, bars, taverns – same story. It is very rare to find some facility where smoking is prohibited.
There is a law that every place bigger than 80 square meters has to have a non-smoking zone, but it doesn’t have to be in a separate space.
So you can sit in the table in the non-smoking section, and the table next to you could be in the smoking area – in most cases there is no obstacles between two zones. There is no logic, but it’s the hole in the law that everyone takes advantage of.

People smoking

There’s been words about prohibiting smoking in closed spaces, in accordance with the laws of the European Union, but it looks like that won’t be happening soon. Serbians are stubborn people and most of the ones who smokes will rather leave going out to coffee shops and bars, than to stop smoking.
Also, the business of the all hospitality object will be drasticly reduced, and it will especially impact places for nightlife, such as clubs and taverns.

If you are a smoker, Belgrade is a great city for you and you will surely love to stay indoors, instead going out on the cold every time you need a smoke.
If you aren't a smoker, there is still a way to avoid cigarettes, at least in restaurants.
Check "non - smoking box" on our homepage and find the one most to your liking and smoke free!

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