Summer in Skadarlija – brought by the Tourism Organization of Belgrade



Leto u Skadarliji

The summer in Belgrade may be hot, but it's by definitely not boring. Dry and sunny weather allows organizing many interesting events at the joy of citizens, as well as tourists who visit the capital.

In addition to the superb nightlife that Belgrade offers in the hot days, there are plenty of daily activities and events that you need to visit.

Thus, the Tourism Organization of Belgrade has prepared another great program this year, by the name "Summer in Skadarlija".

This manifestation begins on June 1st and lasts until the end of the summer tourist season. Every Friday you will be able to enjoy the performances of famous Serbian actors. They will enter the roles of significant personalities from the beginning of the twentieth century and through the anecdotes, stories, plays, songs, and sketches show how the bohemian life of the Skadarlija looked at that time.

The beginning of the program is scheduled at 7 PM in the front of the House of Đura Jakšić and will take place along the entire Skadarska street.

Milan Milosavljević will take part in the role of Branislav Nušić, Milan Tubić will be in the role of Djura Jakšić, Dušica Novaković in the role of Žanka Stokić and Ljiljana Jakšić as the lady of the Skadarlija. In the role of the drummer, who will read the Code of Conduct in Skadarlija, will be actor Bojan Hlišč.

Leto u Skadarliji

You will also be able to enjoy the music hits that were popular between the two "Great Wars" in Belgrade, which will be performed by the actress Jelena Mit together with the orchestra.

After the fun and the educational start of the evening, take advantage of the opportunity and have a dinner at some of the Skadarlija’s great restaurants.

It will complete this entire event and make it unforgettable.

Here are some of the best restaurants located in Skadarlija, and whichever you choose - you will not make a mistake.

Restaurant Dva Jelena

The bohemian life of Belgrade cannot be imagined without Dva Jelena restaurant. It opened its doors to the guests in 1832. and has been one of the most prestigious places in the city for nearly two centuries.

It is located in the very heart of Skadarlija and is the guardian of the antique tavern institution. This restaurant nourishes the tradition and when you enter it, it seems like you’ve stepped into the past. In a happier and simpler age. It contains so many memories that it represents the true small historical treasure of the old Belgrade.

Its unique ambiance, filled with bohemian spirit, excellent food and service, attracted many famous guests. So, this was an inevitable place and the favorite restaurant of Janko Veselinović, Laza Kostić, Djura Jakšić, Milovan Glišić, Tin Ujević and many others.

The restaurant menu boasts specialties of national cuisine, which are made according to the old, authentic recipes. Here you can try ćevapi that are melting in your mouth or discover all the charms of the original Karadjordje steak.

Like food, services are also at the highest level, so friendly staff will always do their best to satisfy all your desires.

There is a lot of taverns in Belgrade, but there are only a few of them with a soul. That's exactly what distinguishes the restaurant Dva Jelena from other Belgrade restaurants. It is the heart of Skadarlija, which keeps past from the oblivion and truly represents Belgrade as it used to be.

Restoran Dva jelena

Restaurant Tri Šešira

Restaurant Tri Šešira is also one of the cult places, without which Skadarlija, but also Belgrade, cannot be imagined. Since it's opened (in 1864.), to this day, it has remained the central and the most important place for gathering of Belgrade bohemians.

Its ambiance abounds in memories and paints old Belgrade in its former glory. Urbanization has changed the landscape of the capital, but whenever you want an authentic ambiance and memories of past days, you can always come to the restaurant Restoran Tri Šešira and feel like you are back at the beginning of the 20th century.

Food greatly contributes to this impression, since the dishes of the national cuisine, which you can taste here, are made according to the traditional recipes. With the sounds of old-town music performed by tamburaši live every night, the pleasure is complete.

Restaurant Tri Šešira also can boast of celebrities who were its permanent guests. This restaurant was the "second house" to the celebrities such as Branislav Nušić, Tin Ujević, Čiča Ilija Stanojević, Djura Jaksić,

Among well-known guests, there is a long list of foreign officials who did not resist its charms. Thus, the Tri Šešira restaurant has hosted King Juan Carlos, George Bush, Willie Brant, and many other famous names.

Restoran Tri šešira

Restaurant Šešir Moj

Another authentic restaurant that is the jewel of Skadarlija is the restaurant Šešir Moj.

His ambiance faithfully reflects the spirit of the past days, and the spirit of the old Belgrade can be “felt” in the entire space.

It will attract you at the first glance with its joyful garden covered with colorful flowers. The garden is designed for enjoying the warm days, and with the delicious snack and music of the tambourines, the whole experience becomes an unforgettable memory.

Whenever you would like to remember the specialties prepared by your grandmother, this restaurant is the right choice - as it will bring you back to the childhood. What is good does not need to be changed, so here you can try authentic, traditional Serbian cuisine, prepared with love, according to the old recipes.

Restaurant Šešir Moj is a real oasis for all gourmets and bohemians who know how to value good things and enjoy life.

Restoran Šešir moj

Skadarlija is the heart of Belgrade. The city itself will never be the same without it. Skadarlija provides a specific old-fashioned charm and keeps the past from oblivion. And Skadarlija is unimaginable without these restaurants. They are guardians of bohemian spirit and traditional values, which are nice to remember from time to time. It doesn’t matter which one of these restaurants will you choose -  one thing is certain: it will be a wonderful experience.

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