The Best Beton Hala Restaurants (2021)


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Belgrade is a city that offers a variety of flavors. It also offers different types of cuisines from many countries around the world, as well as the best restaurants serving traditional dishes. The restaurant business is booming in the Serbian capital, so each neighborhood has at least one famous restaurant whose quality makes it stand out from the rest.
One particularly popular part of the city when it comes to enjoying great food and great nightlife is Belgrade's Beton Hala. 

It houses some of Belgrade's best restaurants as well as renowned nightclubs. Beton Hala (Concrete Hall) is sort of a Belgrade gem, a favorite place of Belgrade residents and an unavoidable tourist stop for all visitors.

What is the Beton Hala?

Beton Hala is a complex made up of a large number of establishments. Simply put, it is an oasis of exquisite tastes and aromas, which combines all the charms of cuisine with modern trends and a great nightlife.
From a simple industrial warehouse, Beton Hala became the most popular and urban area of ​​Belgrade. In 2012, the city officials decided that only catering facilities can be opened in this complex, in order to further commercialize this attractive location.
Beton Hala is located in Karadjordjeva Street, right by the river, and its ideal position in the heart of Belgrade, in addition to being accessible from all parts of the city, also offers a wonderful view.
Its first neighbor, Savamala, is one of the most modern parts of the city, and its urbanization plan includes many projects that will truly modernize Belgrade, bringing it closer to the world's metropolises.
In addition to excellent food, Beton Hala's restaurants offer a pleasant atmosphere as well as great music, a large selection of wines and a variety of cocktails. Given that some of Belgrade's best restaurants are located here, reservations are mandatory, especially in the evenings.
Beton Hala and its restaurants tell the story of Belgrade, which keeps pace with the times – all without losing sight of its history and tradition.

Beton hala

The History of the Beton Hala

The construction of the Beton Hala was completed in 1939 and its original purpose was to serve as a Customs warehouse. Its creators never dreamed that one day the shops and restaurants of Beton Hala would become the center of good entertainment in Belgrade. At the very beginning, the Beton Hala was a gray area of ​​industrial halls.

The true history of this part of the city begins with its modernization.

The first visionary who realized the potential of the Beton Hala was architect Aleksandar Rodić. His vision was to make a cult place - a popular place to enjoy good food - out of a facility that had no water, electricity or a special purpose. Apart from the fact that the halls did not have any installations, another aggravating circumstance was that the whole hall complex was not registered. This meant that it was impossible to get a loan from a bank to invest in this facility.

Architect Rodić's futuristic vision for the Beton Hala earned him his first Grand Prix award at the Belgrade Biennale of Architecture. This was also a precedent in the history of this award, as this was the first time that it had been awarded for a concept project.

Over time, the city authorities realized the potential of Rodić's project. The legal gimmicks were resolved, the parking lot "Donji grad" was built on the roof of the Beton Hala, and then a pedestrian zone was opened with the aim of making the Beton Hala a cult place, such as the more modern and urban Skadarlija.

Here we present some of the most popular restaurants in Beton Hala:



The most attractive part of Belgrade when it comes to restaurants, the famous Beton Hala has gained another exclusive restaurant. It is a fantastic place which is proudly named "Temperament". Following the latest trends in catering, this restaurant has managed to break into the very top of Belgrade's best restaurants.

"Temperament" restaurant was created out of a need to meet the true and genuine needs of people - she need to completely enjoy food and what it can provide to us.

For all lovers of real homemade flavors, the famous chef Jovica Jovićević prepares gastronomic delicacies every day that will awaken all your senses. Homemade national dishes prepared in a unique way that seduce the guests of this beautiful restaurant with their mouthwatering aromas and flavors.

Experienced caterers have been able to combine their experience with a modern approach to serving food in order to create small pieces of art on the plate. Every single meal is given a lot of attention and therefore, in addition to excellent gastronomic tastes, you can also enjoy a true love of food at the Temperament restaurant.

If you are looking for the perfect place for a business lunch, or a family dinner or lunch with friends, look no further. Come to the Temperament restaurant and enjoy the beautiful view of the river, excellent culinary specialties, and great ambiance.

If you are more in a mood for a night out, every night from 10 pm you can enjoy great music performance by famous performers from the Serbian music scene.



The Magaza restaurant is a place on the Belgrade catering scene that was established out of the need to raise gastronomic enjoyment to the highest possible level. For all true lovers of great food, this place is a true paradise on Earth.

Located in the famous Beton Hala, this restaurant attracts a large number of gourmands who expect nothing less than perfection. For this reason, experienced culinary masters have used a fantastic blend of the finest flavors and skills in preparing the highest quality meals. Every dish at this restaurant is a true masterpiece.

The diverse menu has something for each guest, and in addition to the modern dishes, there are also traditional Serbian dishes. The combination of perfect culinary skills and the finest quality ingredients will make you experience an incredible gastronomic enjoyment.

All of this would not be complete if it were not for the excellent drink list, which, in addition to a large number of beers, includes refreshing drinks and quality wines. Find the perfect match and enjoy with all your senses.

The Magaza also offers a special surprise to its loyal guests over the weekend.

Come and enjoy the performances of famous bands and singers and see why this place is ideal for you both during the day and night. After your first visit, the Magaza restaurant will become one of your favorites.

  • More info: Magaza restaurant
  • Address: Karadjordjeva Street 2-4, Beton Hala
  • Working hours: Every day from 10 am to 2 am
  • Reservation number: 066 00 24 00



When you want to try something new and taste the dishes of a different culture and climate, then you should visit the beautiful Lavash restaurant.

Located in the renowned Belgrade Beton Hala, this restaurant offers dishes from the Middle East, unusual spices and fantastic combinations of various ingredients to its guests.

Among the wide selection of ​​similar Belgrade restaurants, the Lavash restaurant is a real treat. If you love fish and seafood, delicious grilled vegetables and fresh salads then this will definitely be a great choice for you. In addition to the perfect Mediterranean specialties, the diverse menu of the Lavash restaurant includes meat dishes, so even the most demanding guests will come out of this restaurant with a wide smile on their faces.

The Lavash restaurant strives to ensure that every dish that comes out of its kitchen is prepared according to high standards, and experienced culinary masters take care of the quality of the ingredients they use. For this reason, every dish served in this restaurant is a true masterpiece.

When you combine fantastic dishes, professional service, and beautiful ambiance – you get a restaurant that deserves to be at the very top of Belgrade's catering scene. Come and visit and we are sure that the Lavash restaurant will become your favorite place in the city.



The Komitet restaurant is one of the newer members of the eminent Beton Hala.

It is well known that only exceptional restaurants earn a spot in the popular Beton Hala catering complex, and in a very short time since it opened the Komitet restaurant has proved its quality and that it deserves to stand side by side with other reputable restaurants.

The Komitet presents a new concept of gastronomy, which is just beginning to take hold in Belgrade. It is a combination of a great place for a night out and gourmet specialties. This club-restaurant concept has been popular in the world for years, but it is just taking off in Serbia.

The Komitet restaurant is its best representative and a real refreshment in the Belgrade restaurant scene. The ambiance of the Komitet restaurant in the Beton Hala is truly imposing and decorated in a very modern style. Natural materials dominate, giving warmth to the whole space.

Carefully placed plants make you feel like you are in an enclosed garden. The stage, equipped with state-of-the-art lighting and sound systems, is set discreetly at the end of the restaurant and fits the ambiance perfectly. The biggest stars of local and regional rock and pop scenes such as the Lexington Band, the OK Band, Dada Glišić, Nina Badrić, and other great entertainers often perform here.

Unlike other restaurants of this type, you don’t have to order food in the Komitet restaurant - you can reserve your table in the drinks-only section or the dinner section if you want to try the delicacies found in this restaurant.

And we certainly recommend you do so, as the gourmet specialties of the Komitet restaurant at Beton Hala are a true paradise of flavors. Top and renowned culinary masters have created a very eclectic menu based on international cuisine.

All the dishes are interesting and delicious in their own way, and for start, we recommend that you try the cheese plate - an appetizer that fits perfectly with some top-notch wines found on the Komitet’s long wine list.

Restoran Komitet Beton hala, hrana

  • More information: Komitet restaurant
  • Address: Karadjordjeva Street 2-4, Beton Hala
  • Working hours: Friday - Saturday: from 21:30 h to 03:00 h
  • Reservation number: 066 00 24 00

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