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Belgrade is a city that offers some interesting experience at every turn. In addition to a rich history, beautiful parts of the city surrounded by greenery and much cultural heritage that you can visit, it also has the reputation of the city with the best nightlife in the region.

Many bars, taverns, clubs and popular river clubs, in the summer season, are credited for this. Most of these places work throughout the week, so you don’t have to wait for a weekend to experience the nightlife of Belgrade. platform will help you to find the most accurate and comprehensive information about Belgrade nightlife - for each and every day of the week.

However, having a dinner at some of the restaurants can be considered as a great going out experience, or at least a warm-up before you hit the clubs.

Belgrade has countless restaurants, and here are some of the best ones where you can have a relaxed dinner with friends or a loved one.

Dorian Gray restaurant

Considering that it’s located in the center of the city, in Strahinjića bana street, Dorian Gray restaurant is a great place where you can gather up with friends from whichever part of the city they are coming from.

Its reputation has been justified by its quality for many years with top food and a pleasant atmosphere.

Decorated in a modern design, it is very relaxed and comfortable. What sets it apart is a beautiful garden, where you can enjoy during the winter months also, which is a rarity.

Garden of the restaurant Dorian Gray uses a heating system that is based on the principle of infrared heating, so even in the coldest days, you can enjoy a good bite on the fresh air.

The menu has an international character, and meals are prepared according to very high standards. Their ingredients are of the best quality, and great attention is paid to the preparation of dishes, as well as their aesthetic presentation.

Here you can always try something new because the menu is constantly complemented by new innovations of culinary masters.

Restaurant Dorian Gray has had (at all times) something attractive and innovating in its offer. What isn’t changing, is its quality and superior service that justifies the reputation of this restaurant and puts it among the most prominent Belgrade’s restaurants.

Restaurant Dorian Gray

Restaurant  Ahh ... Riba

If you want a lighter dinner in the city center, take a walk to the restaurant Ahh ... Riba that is on the Obilić venac.

This restaurant specializes in preparing sea specialties.

Given that the restaurant has its own boat that is fishing in the Adriatic Sea, it guarantees with certainty the origin and freshness of the food ingredients.

Dinner at this restaurant will remind you of the holiday at the sea while enjoying quality fish and the good glass of wine are the perfect way to completely relax.

If the seafood and fish are what you want to eat, come to the best place in the city - in the restaurant Ahh ... Riba.

Fish restaurant Ahh... Riba

Tri šešira restaurant

Dinner with friends can easily be turned into an all-night fun. So, be at the very heart of the Belgrade tavern life. Skadarlija is the best place to create unforgettable memories, and restaurant Tri Šešira is one of its biggest attractions.

An aperitive that opens up the appetite, the delicious food, a pleasant company and a cheerful atmosphere created by the live performance of the tamburaši, make the restaurant Tri Šešira one of the favorite places for Belgraders, as well as tourists.

Over the years, this restaurant has hosted many celebrities from our domestic scene, as well as large names of Hollywood, foreign statesmen and famous writers.

Everyone agreed in one thing - they would always be happy to come back to this restaurant.

Here you can taste the traditional specialties of the national cuisine, prepared by the old recipes. The ambiance itself illustrates the spirit of the old Belgrade. The Bohemian character is present in the restaurant of Tri Šešira since its founding in 1864, and is not disappearing - it is even stronger with each passing year.

Dinner at Restaurant Tri Šešira will surely be a joyful experience that you will remember for a long time.

Restaurant Tri šešira

Amsterdam restaurant

Amsterdam restaurant is located just beside the hotel of Yugoslavia, at Kej oslobođenja. Its location makes this restaurant an excellent place for an evening snack after a walk through the Zemun quay, or before going out and visiting some of the river clubs located on the Ušće quay.

The ambiance of this restaurant is pleasant and comfortable, and the interior is of modern design. Its kitchen has an international character that fits well with this theme. Interesting and tasty dishes are prepared by top chefs, and this restaurant prides itself on its professional and friendly staff who will always meet any of your requirements.

It's a great choice for a romantic dinner, but also for relaxing dinner with friends.

Considering the fact that the restaurant is located on the river itself, a beautiful view of the mighty Danube is calming and will surely impress you.

Restaurant Amsterdam

Play restaurant

Restaurant Play is a great place to enjoy high-end food and prepare for a night outing. Since the summer season started and all the river clubs was moved to the Ušće quay, the Play restaurant was ideally positioned right in the center of the nightlife events.

It is located at Ušće bb and is just a few steps away from the most popular clubs on the water (splavovi, in Serbian).

On weekend evenings, this restaurant is transformed into a lounge club where you can expect great music with a renowned DJ or a live band. That way, Play combines everything in one place - great food and fun time.

When we are mentioning the food, its cuisine has an international character, and the dishes that you can try here are unique and made by secret recipes. So, all that you taste here - you can not try any other place.

Modern and attractive interior design, as well as a fantastic view of the Kalemegdan Fortress and the old part of the city, make this restaurant a perfect place to enjoy during all day and night.

Restaurant Play

The old saying states that a dinner should be given to the enemy, but we don’t agree with that at all. Dining in a circle of friends or your loved ones is a great way to finish the day and start the next one with a smile on your face.

Having a dinner at any of these restaurants will surely be a wonderful experience. They are all excellent in their own way, and you will have a tough choice to decide which one to visit first.


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