DELIGHT FOR ALL GOURMANDS: Serbian Food Festival at Kalemegdan



Specijaliteti srpske nacionalne kuhinje

The entire Kalemegdan will be smelling like tradition and Serbian cuisine on Saturday. September 22th from 11h to 21h you will be able to enjoy all the charm of our national specialties.

Citizens' Association "Čuvari ognjišta" is the organizer of this festival, which aims to preserve the Serbian gastronomic heritage and present the culture of dining in our country. This manifestation thus has a cultural-traditional, historical, tourist and economic character, while offering entertainment for all generations.


The Serbian Food Festival is also supported by the Tourist Organization of Belgrade, which emphasizes that gastronomy is a very important segment of the overall tourist offer of the Belgrade and that it is necessary to present it to foreign tourists whose number is increasing from year to year.

This manifestation contributes to the preservation of the Serbian gastronomic heritage, presents the culture of dining of these areas with the wish that the festival, as a multiparty event, best represents our cuisine as a true Serbian tourist brand and becomes a traditional place for meeting hosts and guests on the cultural and tourist map of Belgrade.

Srpski nacionalni specijaliteti

The festival fosters the customs of Serbian dining through the ages, combining them with traditional and original Serbian music, folklore, chanting, folk costumes, spiritual experiences, and artistic displays.

A large number of participants and exhibitors will be presented to the festival visitors through various activities in the exhibition, competitive, educational and cultural program. Thus, in one place will be found the current champions and more respected competitors from different manifestations in Serbia, as well as food and beverage producers.

Program of the Serbian Food Festival

Exhibitors will have their own stand booths. All booths will be thematically unified, so you will have the opportunity to see the monastic table, how the Serbian fast looked like through centuries or all the bakery products of our country.

Of course, where there is good food,  there is also a cup of good drink, so the specialties of certain regions will be accompanied by typical drinks from these regions.

The program is divided into three parts and includes:

  • Competition - In this part of the program, the national cuisine restaurants, which represent top domestic chefs, will compete in making Serbia's "top dish" for this year. Chefs will store a wide variety of deacons, from the Vojvodina’s strudel to the Pirot’s sausage, through the competition of current champions and more respected competitors from different manifestations in Serbia.
  • Educational program - Anyone who wants to learn more about the secrets of making local national specialties can visit a special space reserved for the educational part of the festival. The most important part of the educational program will be the appearance of three-member teams made up of students from five hospitality high schools. Students will compete in preparing cold appetizers using only basic kitchen utensils. Interactive lectures on choosing, processing, storing, preparing and consuming food and beverages have been organized, and a special part will be a discussion about the view of food from the point of view of official medicine.
  • Cultural program - Eminent artists will approach the audience with the tradition, history, and spirit of our people, through song and dance.

There is no doubt that this will be a very nice and fun event. Perhaps the Serbian Food Festival will awaken a dormant gourmet in you, and whenever you desire the authentic specialties of Serbian cuisine, visit one of the best ethno restaurants in Belgrade. In them, you will enjoy the true tastes of Serbia and dishes saved by old, favorite recipes.

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